Karis – Flagstaff Senior Portraits

We stole her name. Yep, this is how we came up with our daughter’s name, Karis. The below wonderful and amazingly

Review : OZ Naturals

I cannot say enough about how great these two products from OZ Naturals are. The one on the left is the Anti Aging Serum

Holland – Flagstaff Senior Portraits

When Holland said she wanted to incorporate her horse, Casey boy, in her Flagstaff senior portraits, I thought I would

Buddy – Flagstaff Senior Portraits

Buddy is another one of my Class of 2015 Senior Models, and we had so much fun taking his Flagstaff senior portraits to

Review : Pura d’or

I’m always on the hunt for a great, cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner. Among the products I use on a regular basis

Genie – Flagstaff High School Senior Portraits

Genie is probably one of my favorite seniors to follow on social media. She’s always posting these awesome and